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For Jedi of all types to meet and discuss how the Jedi path relates to their life.
Click here to go to the Jedi Union message board.

The forums available include:

  • Everyday Jedi
  • Jedi and news
  • Jedi and entertainment
  • Jedi biography
  • Many Jedi, Many ways
  • Honorary Jedi
  • Jedi Arts
  • Bulletin Board
  • Jedi Bazaar
  • Topic of the week

A description of each forum can be found on the Jedi Union Board front page and will soon be added to this page.

As I am able to find interested people there will be people sharing moderator duties for the forums.

Everyone who posts will be expected to follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Please keep all postings appropriate for viewing by a mass audience. I prefer not to use the auto edit feature on the board. After all it makes it hard to spell "cockpit" :-). But please do try to keep it fairly clean.

  2. Please keep all postings on topic as much as possible. If a thread wanders too far a field for to long a request will be posted to start a new thread with the new topic or to bring the current thread back on topic. If that does not happen then a moderator will create a new thread where they think appropriate and a notice will be posted. Anything grossly off topic after that will be summarily deleted.

  3. Please try to deal with the ideas presented and leave personalities out of it. Remember that if you do not like what someone has to say, you always have the option of ignoring them.

  4. No flaming, of any kind. If the moderator feels you have flamed you will recieve a private email (assuming there is an address to send email to) or a public warning will be posted. You will have the opportunity to edit your post and to apologize. If you do not do so within a day then the post will be edited if possible and deleted if necessary. Flaming three times is grounds for being put on restriction. Being on restriction two times is grounds for loss of posting privileges for a period to be decided by the moderators.

  5. Ask rather than assume. If you feel someone did not get your point then clarify. Above all else remember the golden rule, "Be careful what you do unto others, for someday it might be done unto you."

Now go and share and mingle and have a good time.