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Force Abilities In The Real World

A list of ways a Jedi might use the Force... For real.

In my time as a Jedi, and even before I used the term I have found that with concentration, focus, and clear intention it is possible to perform a number of feats which range from amusing to amazing.

While this list is by no means exhaustive I feel that it is fairly representative. Please understand that I have endeavored to keep things grounded in the real. None of the things described here should be confused with the very flashy, and very fictional abilities shown in the Star Wars Movies.

Many of us are completely cut off. Not just from what others feel, but in may cases from our own feelings as well. Working with the Force can open you up to the feelings and thoughts of others. The flipside can also be true. For those who tend to be overly sensitive it is possible to learn to use the Force to screen out the psychic statie that can assault one daily.
For many Jedi it is possible to get a sense of what may be coming. Although never to be taken as the final authority, such glimpses can serve as guideposts for those who would observe and heed.


Physical Control and Augementation.
Using the Force it is possible to achieve a variety of effects. One can focus on an injury and speed healing. Perhaps you need to get something done? You could be able to move much faster than is typical. Any sense can be augmented, to allow you to see farther, hear better etc.

Please keep in mind though that no one here suggests allowing use of the Force to replace using a qualified medical person to treat injuries.

Sense of Timing.
It is said that timing is everything. While it may not be everything it certainly is important. Using the Force and opening yourself to the seeing what is really needed in any given situation will allow you to develop that sense of what to do and when to do it.



Well that's just a few. I will be adding more soon. In the very near future look for lessons on the purpose and potential uses for such gifts and how to work on achieving them.