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Jedi vs jedi
The foundation upon which the Jedi Union is built.

One of the things you will notice all throughout this site is the use of the word "jedi" spelled with a capital "J" and in other places spelled with a lower case "j" There is a very important reason for this.

When we speak of "Jedi", it is meant as an inclusive thing. It speaks of a destination rather than a path. All who seek to know themselves, who seek to serve the Force, who strive to make themselves and their surroundings better can truly be called Jedi. However the way that we reach these goals are as diverse as we are. This is where you come into the different paths that people choose. Some are Sith, some are Light, others perhaps Dark, or Shadow. This site is about exploring the connections and similarities between the paths, and noting the differences. The thing to remember is that regardless of what path a person is on they are still Jedi., and worthy of your respect.